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by earthsent (earthsent)
at June 10th, 2006 (09:57 am)

*Prances in*

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Museum!

Feel free to post whatever you think is lolita history-worthy. Not just clothing items, or some kind of ultra rare accessories, but it can be concerts, you can submit profiles of people who helped influence the lolita/kodona/dandy/aristocrat/etc style, make a profile for a shop, reviews for reference material, Western celebrities attempting lolita, people nailing the look of a lolita JRocker(Mana, *cough*GERMAINE TSUI*cough*) - just be creative! Oh, and people on ebay make occasional slip-ups, like laballing(pun!) *cough* a penis necklace 'LOLITA ACCESSORY GREAT FOR COSPLAY'. That stuff makes your liver laugh, so post it here. It can be like a 'great moments in history' section of the museum =P

Just make sure to stay on topic and not ramble about much you want to touch Mana.

Also, any 'discontinued' or 'rare' and no longer made or no longer in shops or online things that you wish to sell can be posted here.

If the mods don't approve of it, don't worry. The post will be deleted, of course, but we won't give you a hard time.

No rude things, no pr0n, please try not to oggle about Mana's chest or how his hair is bigger than David Bowie's. All I'll say on that is, "My JRock God has bigger hair than your JRock God".

~The Museum Owner.

No Unneccessary Mana speak!

Btw, I love trolls.

(Manamanamanamanamanamanamanasamachan! =P)

EDIT: For easier navigation, all 'history' style entries will have a tag and be put in memories. You don't have to worry about tagging or adding to memories yourself, and if you forget, its allright. I or another mod will do that for you~ ^^


Posted by: Marie (makichi)
Posted at: June 10th, 2006 04:35 am (UTC)

|D... So tell me... how DOES one speak like Mana?

Posted by: earthsent (earthsent)
Posted at: June 10th, 2006 04:50 am (UTC)

By being absolutely silent, then childishly and ungracefully whispering in the ear of your medium/assistant/SLAAAAVE.

Mana should do it more gracefully, at least. He rushes too much >.>

That's history worthy, ne?)

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