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lolita_museum's Journal

Lolita Museum
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A museum to preserve the history of the lolita genre, as well as kodona. All posts are to stay on topic, please, and anything questionable may be deleted. Any pictures are to go under a cut, and please don't post anything random or stupid.
Good example cut:
(Pictures of Bodyline dress passed through several people, from Mabet)
Bad example cut:
(black dress!!)
In other words, please be sure to be more descriptive.
Don't post a dress because its just pretty. Don't post a pic just because you or a friend are in it. If a dress is 'Cheapest blah blah dress in loli history' go ahead and post. Same with 'most expensive ever seen'. And other outfits, not just dresses! (And please remember to have good quality photos, not messy, blurry ones~)
Also, if you have the PERFECT imitation of some Jrocker who has to do with lolita or kodona or dandy or similar, and you think it is history worthy, don't be afraid to post(*coughGERMAINETSUI=MANA*cough)~

Sales posts for rare, discontinued, unavailable, etc items are allowed~

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at NiteElf@gmail.com, or as in a comment! And have fun!

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